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Jan 08

Billiards in Taipei

Asia Power Billiards
111 台北市士林區中正路392號
TEL: 2836-1297
Open 24 hours a day

Good quality pool cues and tables. There are basketball game machines outside the front door. It is in the same building as CityMart and the bowling alley.

台北市忠孝西路一段45號B1 (Taipei Main Station, exit M3)
TEL: 2389-8833
Open 24 hours a day.

Good quality pool cues and tables. Free water and soda. The lady is really friendly at the front desk. This is my regular place because nobody smokes and the location is super convenient. You can buy a VIP membership card for NT$50 and it gives you a discounted rate. They also have locations in Guandu and Shilin.

14th floor of the Luxy Building
Cost: NT$1/minute green tables, NT$2/minute blue tables

The Green tables are pretty shitty. If you are just looking to kill some time before going to the club though, you probably won’t care. I didn’t like this place because many people are smoking and the ceiling is low. It is a great location though!


Did I miss any places? Where do you play?

Who do you play with? I’m looking for more friends who like to play.

* Photo from A-One (Taipei Main Station)

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